Interview with Steven Mandel – Founder of The Mandel Law Firm, NYC

Today, I had the privilege of talking to Steve Mandel, a reputable family law attorney and successful business owner of The Mandel Law Firm (MLF) located in central Manhattan. Steve’s story is remarkable and I am in complete awe of his accomplishments and achievements. I was fortune enough to intern at MLF and to this day I still see the firm as family. He remains one of my biggest inspirations in the legal field and it is an absolute honour to have him feature on Legally Evangeline.

We chatted about all things law related in line with setting up your own practice / business and the challenges he faced in moving from Brooklyn to the City and lots more.

(Also, apologies for my not so great internet at times. Isolating in the mountains is all fun and games until you actually have to work !!)


0.45 – Tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and your company MLF

3.20 – What sparked your interest into a career in law?

3.44 – Who inspired your career most?

4.20 – What advice would you give to a young lawyer who wanted to set up their own business or practice?

5.48 – What made you want to go into family law and what traits do you feel are key to succeeding in this area?

10.56 – How do you think young professionals can stand out when making legal applications?

18.18 – If you could turn back time and be a law student again, is there anything that you would do different?

24.40 – How did you find the New York bar?

29.46 – What are the main challenges you faced setting up a practise in central Manhattan?

So grab your coffee, you’re in for a treat šŸ¤©