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Today I wanted to chat to you all about something that I feel has really transformed my mindset into a positive space. In university, I found that whenever I felt overwhelmed, stressed and deflated I couldn’t absorb any knowledge. During exam season this wasn’t ideal as I would get even more frustrated at myself for not being able to retain basic legal facts that I knew I knew. However, everything changed when I was introduced to podcasts by a friend. I found that listening to a podcast as opposed to reading an article or watching YouTube allowed my mind and eyes to shut down and rejuvenate for a few crucial minutes before refocusing on work. When I started listening to podcasts there was so many available and I didn’t really know where to start. So, for those of you in a similar situation, I have listed my favourite podcasts below to get you started. 

1. The Guilty Feminist – (Hosted By: Deborah Frances-White)

I want to start with this incredible podcast – TGF. To provide some insight, Deborah along with special guests educate listeners about what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century and the constant battle for equality of the sexes. Deborah manages to seamlessly combine wit with the underlying daily realities that women face. With a lot of these weekly podcasts being taken from her live shows, I find myself keeled over from laughter while educating myself on societal issues. It is imperative that we as young women remember our value, worth and never adhere to social standards that were set upon us. This podcast is a constant reminder to never stop striving for opportunities that stand for what I believe in. 

For a further insight, I found this New York Times article extremely interesting as it delves into the personal ethos of the host. Linked below ↓

If you want to read more into TGF, I have linked the site below.

2. Rise & Conquer – (By: Georgie Stevenson)

I have tried to write this a thousand times but no matter what words I use I cannot express how much this podcast has changed my life (not to be dramatic). Instead of me trying but failing to condense its contents here is the ‘vision’ that Georgie had behind it. I want to reinforce that this is not my own writing and taken directly from her website.

            ‘The vision behind the Rise and Conquer Podcast is to host honest discussions with like-minded women on all thing’s health, relationships, habits, mindset, money, career and everything in between. My goal is to give women actionable tools & takeaways designed to empower themselves to take bold action and better their lives’

– taken from

Whenever I finish listening to one of her podcasts, I feel completely empowered to do better and be better. I feel renewed and in a positive mind space to achieve any goal that I set my mind to. Personally, I love listening to this in the shower (weird, I know). If there is one podcast that is my ride or die, this is definitely it !!

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3. Wake up to Money – (Hosted by: Mickey Clark Sean Farrington Louise Cooper Guy Kilty Danni Hewson)

This is a relatively new one for me. I was introduced to this podcast through a coaching call. A morning financial radio programme that is sure to get your brain thinking. When I decided that corporate law is the area that I want to go into I found this podcast very helpful in honing my commercial awareness. It is particularly helpful when answering the common question of ‘Please describe a recent news article that interests you and affects  X practise area’. This can sometimes by a rather heavy listen so I strongly suggest listening with a mug of coffee close at hand.

Listen here –

4. Beo ar Éigean – (Le: Siún Ní Dhuinn, Sinéad Ní Uallacháin agus Áine Ní Bhreisleáin)

Being educated through Irish (as gaeilge) definitely came with it perks. I love the Irish language and everything that it entails. Growing up, I spoke to my dad in Irish and whenever I speak it, I am flooded with those happy memories. However, when I went to university in Wales, I did my law degree and masters in English and I started to lose the ability and confidence to speak fluently. I knew that I never wanted to lose my Irish and that’s when I came across this podcast. The topics range from ‘Who would you like to be locked down with…to where we’d go on holiday when this is over’. I find that this is a spontaneous and free flowing podcast where I feel like I’m simply sat down having a chat with the presenters.

For all you Gaeilgeoir’s take a listen on

5. Sagittarius Today – (With: Caitlin Keats)

This one isn’t going to be for everyone. Personally, I love listening to my horoscope. Funny fact: every morning I wake up and listen to this podcast first thing. The combination of the soothing voice and short time span is the perfect formula for a good start to the morning. All things life, love and personal growth are entangled in under 3 minutes, what’s more to love. Linked below is the Sagittarius version but you can find your own horoscope at   

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So, we have reached the end of my favourite podcasts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. 

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