Interview with: Michael Hinder

Today I caught up with a very special guest – Mr. Michael Hinder. I always found Michael’s story into law incredibly fascinating and inspirational so we sat down and chatted about all things law, in particular access into law courses, parental pressure, from blanking in exams to securing a corporate paralegal role.

This will be a long podcast so grab your tea or coffee and tune in to the first podcast of many.

Time stamps

00:00 – Intro – “Hey Everyone,  Welcome to Legally Evangeline, so this is a series that  I want to start where I catch up with legal professionals and kind of delve into how they got to where they are today and the challenges they faced along the way – today we are joined by a very special guest Mr Michael Hinder.

01:07 – Mike tell me a bit of about yourself, how did you get into Law

24:42 – So Speaking about exams, are there any tips that helped you get through or get passed that negative mindset?

26:30 – Difference between LLM and LPC – So you did your undergrad in Swansea and then you did the LPC in Swansea, did you find a big difference between the two courses?

28:24 – First Legal Role / Previous work experience – so you said you secured your first legal job, how did that come about?

44:19– Moving forward, where do you see yourself in 10 years

52:11 – What advice would you give to somebody trying to get a career in law