Commercial Awareness – In conversation with Peter Watson


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A few days back, I had the pleasure of talking to Peter Watson. In 2014, Peter launched Watson’s Daily after a successful career as a stockbroker for 13 years. I must say that Watson’s Daily has been my go to source for increasing my commercial awareness and honing my commercial acumen so it is such an honour to have Peter feature on Legally Evangeline.

We chat about defining commercial awareness, how Watson’s Daily is different from other sources out there, demonstrating commercial awareness in everyday life and much much more.

If you would like to learn more about Watson’s Daily, you can check it out here ( I would highly recommend) –

I really enjoyed this interview and I hope that you equally enjoy listening to it.


0.30 – For our readers that haven’t heard about Watson’s Daily, would you like to tell them a small bit about what it entails?

0.56 – Why do you feel Watson’s Daily is different from other sources out there?

2.32 – So, for me commercial awareness encompasses many different aspects – how would you define commercial awareness?

4.50 – So Watson’s Daily is all about improving commercial and economic awareness, why do you think it is so important for professionals to stay on top of the news?

9.20 – To expand a bit, how do you feel Watson’s Daily will assist legal professionals in developing their commercial awareness?

16.58 – For someone just starting to develop their commercial and economic awareness but find the whole process quite overwhelming do you have any tips or tricks to help them?

25.44 – So, we have talked about developing commercial awareness. In terms of interviews or a job application, how do you feel people can demonstrate their commercial awareness?

31.58 – So for our listeners, what is one piece of advice in terms of commercial awareness that you have learned but wish you knew sooner?

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