Bright Network – Commercial Law Internship

Hey Everyone,

Well, what an incredibly busy but great week. Thank you for all your kind messages on my last post. I am feeling so much more positive and motivated this week but will definitely be taking a bit of time off of social media next week so that I can spend some time with my family again (kinda neglected them).

An incredible amount of people undertook the IEUK internship which is so great as it really shows initiative. Unlike last week, this post is really to pick up on some key things that maybe you missed or hadn’t thought about and also sharing my personal experience.

Day 1

The day started off with a really motivational speech from a partner at Slaughter and May (SM). Some key things that I took out of it were…

  • SM provide FREE JELLY BABIES and GUMMIES – I was left pretty speechless about this considering jelly babies are my all-time fav!!
  • I was interested to learn about the responsible business committee set up by Slaughters and found Robert’s words on BLM completely enriching. He quoted a motivational speaker who said that ‘we are responsible for our actions and collectively for our inactions’, this hammered home that we need to do and be better.
  • Finally, I loved Robert’s closing speech, especially how he spoke about not polishing your cv for the employer as this will ultimately leave you unhappy and feeling unfulfilled.

Clyde & Co – Introduction to Commercial Law

  • I found the topic of the data lab intriguing as this is the first of its kind. A hub designed to combine legal knowledge with AI expertise in a manner that can solve legal problems. I liked seeing how a trainee’s translation role in this process greatly assisted in understanding stress points and adding value to the firm and its clients.
  • Secondly, it was interesting to learn of emerging legal industry trends and how amidst climate change risk practise and Clyde code, the biggest challenge ahead of firms is anticipating client’s needs and exploring diverse consultancy law solutions.
  • Lastly, comparing and contrasting the role of partner, trainee and graduate was engaging as different things are expected of you.

Clyde & Co – Core skills for junior commercial lawyers

  • Another great seminar that delved deep into four key skills to succeed – commercial awareness, teamwork, attention to detail and communication/negotiation.
  • I particularly enjoyed how this seminar was laid out in terms of stating the importance of each skill and secondly, how to demonstrate the skill in legal applications.

Herbert Smith Freehills – Legal drafting

  • One of my favourite seminars of the day was conducted by a partner at HSF on advice note structuring. I feel so much more confident in laying out the note into 5 key sections and presenting it in a manner that is clear, cohesive and easy to read.
  • Some things I took out of this session are – use diagrams when possible (clients love these), understand the issues and your supervisor’s preferred referencing style before starting. Lastly, know your client well so you know how much detail of the law is appropriate.

Slaughter and May – Global Investigations

  • So, this was a bit of a new area for me but I learned a lot about what it entails, how to advise clients and features in the work. I equally learned the stages of an investigation and a typical trainees role within that chain (doc review and analysis and interviewing witnesses) – an area I will definitely be researching more of.

Sidley & Austin LLP – Anatomy of a deal

  • I have never really understood the anatomy of a private equity transaction but somehow within this 30-minute slot, I began to fill in the holes in my learning. Terms such as target, leveraged buyout, equity capital and restructuring were defined through examples and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the typical LBO structure and time frames in great detail.

Allen & Overy – Legal and business research

  • This was my favourite session of the day. A corporate M&A associate of AO spoke about her abstract route into law. Her two-year gap before applying to AO resonated with me so much and made me realise that everyone is ready at different times and there is nothing wrong with being an ‘older trainee’.
  • Having conducted a lot of legal research when I was an intern in Manhattan, I still picked up some great tips such as incorporating an executive summary in research notes at the top of the note, not to panic because of our good old friend osmosis, update your research and lastly, cross checking solutions.

Day 2

  • This weeks work sample was all about Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Although I don’t have much practical experience in this field, over the past few months I have been exploring and researching it in great detail and decided that it is the direction that I want my legal career to head – So, you can only imagine my excitement when we were asked to deliver a client presentation on this area.
  • This was centered around delivering a summary of a typical M&A transaction, preparing due diligence considerations, reviewing an NDA and creating a table of amendments and lastly dispute resolution options tailored to our client.

Alumni Hours

  • I loved this 1 hour window so much !!
  • Due to the time restraints, I planned how I was going to spend my hour the night before.

White & Case

  • I listened to Abigail (White & Case Trainee) speak about the importance of non-legal work experience, her day to day life as a trainee, the culture of W&C and cover letter advice.


  • I listened to Sophie, the trainee recruitment advisor speak about the importance of virtual internships, coming from a non-law background, the Linklaters agile mindset and how Linklaters do not have a preference in terms of uni.

Herbert Smith Freehills

  • I listened to Rebecca and Mary talk in great detail about preparing for assessment centres, the importance of comfortable attire and verbally practising your answers and some key dates to remember.

Slaughter & May

  • I really loved listening to Janine and Khadar speak about whether to opt for a vacation scheme or training contract, cv advice and the great assumption of responsibility on trainees

If you want a further insight into any one of these areas – please feel free to contact me !!

Day 3

  • Today started going through a model answer for the work sample – I liked how the host quoted Google saying that ‘although the problem is set, the solution is not’.
  • In order to complete the program you have to complete the work sample and also mark a peer’s work. I partnered up with this really fab girl and we went through each others work sample. She gave me some really great feedback and advice and it really brightened my morning.

Slaughter & May – CV and Cover Letter Advice

  • A partner from Slaughters gave the most incredible talk on the key attributes that they look for in an application but more importantly how to put YOU in the centre of your applications.
  • He delved deep into 7 attributes and skills that you should exemplify throughout your application. What I found the most helpful was the way he gave examples to back up everything that he was saying.
  • I wish that this talk went on for longer but, I take from it not only a wealth of knowledge but a new passion to join the team at Slaughters. I am legit going to start working on my application today (LOL)

So that is my personal experience of the 3 day internship. A big thank you to all the team at Bright Network and all the partner firms for making this internship readily available and deeply insightful. It has really helped me to upskill in such a scary time and also given me a new path for exploration.

Let me know if you finished this program and how you found it !!

Until Sunday,

Stay safe and rest up,


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