Legal Geek – Student LawTech Fair

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying your saturday. I wanted to post about this event while it was fresh on my mind !!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a Legal Geek LawTech fair that I recently attended virtually. I had no intentions of exploring the legal tech (LT) field when I left university. It’s more like the LT field found me (as cliche as that sounds). Within a few months, I have made a complete 360 degree turn. From not being a technologically gifted individual to looking for jobs in the LT field. I now understand that LT will have such a significant impact on my career as a solicitor, I feel it only right to understand it before I start my training contract. Therefore, as I can no longer go out and meet similar minded individuals in the field, I am taking the initiative to attend various LT events and speak with people online. This event was fantastic due to the interactive polls, speed networking and 5 minute talks.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP)

  • This was my favourite part of the event. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Nick talk about how BCLP is bridging the gap between tech and the legal industry. I learned a lot about BCLP as a firm and their ambition to drive legal outcomes rather than legal incomes. A very insightful opening to the event.


  • I liked learning of Avvoka’s contract automation services and how this platform assists lawyers on a non coding, bespoke basis through generating first draft contracts.
  • I loved the company’s innovative approach in being keen not to code. This was exemplified in the Avvoka’s academy that teaches people how to automate their own documents.


  • This is a transaction management platforms where you can collaborate online to close deals. I loved learning of the vendor perspective approach and Francesca’s personal journey from a banking finance lawyer to the more consultative and creative role that she now holds.


  • This was another short talk that I really enjoyed. It was great to learn how F-Lex connects law students with wholesome work experience when law firm’s work peaks.
  • Seeing how this works in reality was great as not only is the company’s focus on the law students but equally on the employer. It will essentially be the employer’s decision in selecting the most suitable candidate.
  • The swift sign up and building of your ‘flex profile’ makes this a really user friendly platform.

Thought River

  • I really loved listening to Lorraine speak about this company and the development of pre-screening analysis software and risk analysis.
  • I was interested to learn of the free course and certificate that is available and I will be looking into this more.
  • Lorraine’s journey is very inspirational and she is a real light in the legal world.


  • An AI platform that learns directly from the interaction with documents and conveys features, benefits and pain points that it can address.
  • It was really great to see exactly where a lawyer’s role is in this process. I myself went through a phase of worrying if AI was going to replace lawyers. However, this company put my mind at ease as they portrayed that Luminance is created to support lawyers and not replace them by finding information quicker to allow more time for the analytical review.

Deloitte Legal

  • The multi-disciplinary specialist approach to solving legal problems creatively stood out to me.
  • I loved the innovative approach in the creation of Brighter – a tool in response to Covid-19 that is free and publically available.
  • I had no idea that Deloitte offered training contracts so that is another area that is worth exploring for me.

Why I am considering a career in legal tech ?

  • There are so many relatable skills that I can carry across from my legal career such as curiosity, resilience and confidence in your skills to pivot and think laterally. Coming from the law gives you a sense of where the pain points are coming from and puts you in a greater position to address them.
  • I also feel that it is my duty to understand the emergence of legal tech before I enter into a tc. This is so I can effectively utilise the resources that are already out there and manage my time as best as I can.
  • Something really resonated with me – a speaker was talking about displaying the ‘avataristic’ version of yourself in work. People take parts of themselves out in the workplace and act as a ‘professional avatar’. However, the speaker said to never underestimate the value of injecting your personality into the job. For me, this really spoke to me as I had hid under a similar rock for so long. It was only when I went to Manhattan that I really brought my personality into the job. This really stood for me as I made stronger relationships with my colleagues who to this day remain some of my strongest friends.

So, we have reached the end of this post. I hope that you enjoyed and it opened your own minds to alternative careers in law. Please do let me know if you know of any upcoming LT talks or events.

I can’t wait to see what the future for LT holds, and where my role in it will be.

Until next time,


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