Ebook Review – The Definitive Guide to Interviews and Application Questions

Hey Everyone šŸ§”

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend and using the time to rest up !!

* Quick side note – It is no secret that I love books – I always loved reading but when I started studying law I lost that love. This was because I was reading textbooks 24/7 and the last thing that I wanted to do was open another book after a long day of studying. Now that I have finished with university combined with the unexpected virus, I have found myself reaching for books more and that love has come back. Therefore, I will be doing monthly book reviews on this platform and maybe might start a little book club of my own if people are interested šŸ‘€

Anyway, onto today’s post. I was so kindly gifted this ebook a small while back by The Law Firm App team and thought that I would review it on my page. I want to highlight that I am not being paid to share my own thoughts on it and also want to say that before I review any product or service I like to take the time to thoroughly review it and try to grasp a deeper understanding of its value for my readers before they decide to purchase it.

Key Facts

  • This ebook has been put together and compiled by expert Graduate Recruiters from top law firms
  • It is Ā£15 to purchase- you can order by dropping the team a dm on instagram. It’s @lawfirmapps, link here :(https://www.instagram.com/lawfirmapps/)
  • Its contents is split up into three key areas – motivation, cv-related and strength based questions.

The Review

Before I continue with the review I want to note something VERY IMPORTANT – your applications should be personal to you. It is an absolute waste of time getting this ebook if your sole purpose is to copy its answers and content and hope for the best. Firstly, if everyone that buys the ebook does the same, there will be thousands of the exact same answers. Secondly, if you do get to the interview stage you will lack individualism which ALL law firms look for. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Okay, my rant over.

Motivation Questions

  • This section focuses on your motivations behind studying the law and in particular commercial law.
  • What I really liked is the way the ebook picks apart the question and gets straight to what the employer wants from you. Sometimes for me I overthink the question at hand and go off on a tangent. This definitely helped with keeping me on a straight path.
  • In terms of the sample answers, I used them in a different way. I always like learning new english terminology so I jotted down single terms and correlated them to my own personal experiences for example, intellectually stimulating ā†’ experience of working in central Manhattan.
  • I enjoyed learning more on how to tailor my answers to a particular firm and some key areas to focus my OWN research on. (Again, this isn’t designed to be your only tool – you still have to put the same amount of work into researching the firm for your application).
  • One question that always trips me up everytime is ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ -this ebook really helped frame my mindset and understand how I can link it more to the firm I am applying to.

CV Related Question

  • This area centres around what skills you acquired through your work experiences.
  • I really really (yes double really) liked how this ebook approached the cv portion . It encourages you to take the recruiter or employer on a personal journey of growth up until the present point, in a manner that is easily read and comprehensible.
  • It speaks about academic results and focuses on being honest about your bad grades in a manner that highlights improvement.
  • What stuck out to me is the importance placed on extracurricular activities and presenting yourself as a well rounded person that is adaptable to any situation. This was done really well.


  • This portion of the ebook delves deep into 13 key competencies that are most prevalent in the legal industry. It also focuses on how to demonstrate each of the skills through its sample answers. This would really be useful not only in the application stage but the interview stage. I don’t recommend having answers prepared as such, as somethings I find this messes with the flow of the interview and often comes at the expense of injection personality into the interview. I used this section and created my own mind maps and ‘prompts’ that reflect my own personal journey.
  • Another area that was done well was how to approach the question ‘Discuss a recent business/economic story that interests you?’ – it provides a really useful tip at the end which can be a great interview talking point.

Strength Based Questions

  • In a very general term – this is the employer’s way of getting to know who exactly the interviewee is
  • This ebook sheds light on the general topics, themes and questions an interviewer may ask you and again highlights how one size does not fit all.
  • The ebook comes to a close by providing great general interview tips.

Is it worth it?

Yes !!

It is evident that a great deal of thought and detail has gone into this ebook. The applicant has been put at the forefront of every single question and attribute and therefore I have to recommend it.

Like I have highlighted throughout this post, this ebook might not be for you if you have a tendency to copy answers or direct phrases. Creativity is at the core of it. Be creative in your approach, in terms of taking note of the things that suit your own personal journey. I benefited immensely from it as I now know what certain questions are actually asking from me and key takeaways the employer/recruiter is actively looking for. All in all I feel a lot more confident in approaching application questions after reading this ebook. One thing I found annoying was having to read it on my desktop. I am much more of a physical book type of girl and so I found printing a hard copy was much easier to work through (be prepared for how much ink it will use!!)

If you want to know how I laid out some of my mind maps correlating to this I’d be happy to do another post on that. A big thank you to the team at Law Firms App for gifting this ebook to me. It certainly has provided me with some great tips and tricks.

If you have any questions or would like me to review one of your products, you can drop me a message through any of my social links that are linked at the top of my homepage.

Equally, if you are interested in joining a free little book club let me know and I’ll make it happen.

Until next time,



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