Embracing Change

Hey everyone!

Just like that another week has gone by and a new one is fast approaching.

I think that we can all agree that the past few months has been a big change for us all. Each of us has struggled in our own way in adapting to working from home, not seeing loved ones or being able to hug them, not going on annual holidays or not being able to have date night …and the list goes on. This made me think back to all the times in my life that I have had to adapt to change. I didn’t realise until now that change has been a huge driving force in my personal and legal journey and without it I would not have achieved all the amazing things I have. Saying this, change is not easy. It requires hard work, thinking outside the box, observation skills and a willingness to re-adapt.

Before you continue reading I have heard that this is a powerful read and I am going to get stuck into reading it this week so I will let you know my thoughts. If you want to check it out you can here – Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

Examples of change

For all my law students out there, without realising it you go through change every single day.

  • When you went to uni for the first time you had to adjust from school to university learning that required much more self discipline and some may argue a stronger work ethic.
  • You have to adjust to new modules, new lecturers, new buildings, new sports and new accomodation every single year.
  • When you start a new job albeit legal or non-legal you have to adapt to the change of environment, change of routine and change of people.

Are you starting to see the common theme here?. Equally, I had to adapt to moving to a foreign country to go to uni, going from an Irish speaking school to learning through English again while going through my own personal journey of growth and change along the way. I think people don’t give themselves enough credit for dealing with change and I definitely feel as though it’s an area that is not spoken about enough.

The positives of change

More often than not change is viewed in a negative light. I am a creature of habit and so for me change was scary and daunting, as it meant altering my routine meaning some things were out of my control and no matter how much I planned, life went and messed everything up. Saying this, change is beautiful and amazing. When I went to NYC the life that I knew and loved changed in a heartbeat but the personal growth that ensued was remarkable. I grew as a person becoming more resilient, independent and stronger. This was all down to having to suddenly deal with change. So, if something unexpected happens to you embrace it and take the opportunity with open arms because I promise good things will come from it no matter how scary it may feel at the time.

Dealing with change

Some of my tips & tricks:

  • Don’t act in the heat of the moment – change often happens unexpectedly and so your fight or flight instincts kick in urging you to act straight away – but don’t. I find going for a coffee and chatting with people before acting out helps me to assess the situation. Equally don’t be scared to speak your mind. I was always too scared to do this and I let older people walk over me but not anymore!!
  • Routine – change may feel like it’s taking over your entire life but it’s important to separate change from your routine. If you for example have your morning coffee at 9am keep doing that. It gives your brain the rest and understanding that it needs to realise that although everything feels like it’s changing, some things can stay the same. This will provide you with comfort and solace.
  • Don’t lose sight of the goal – For me the goal was to get through law school. I’ll be honest some days I was so close to packing it in and I’d call my parents to tell them I was flying home that day but they always helped to centre me and polish the end goal that was fogged up in the inner eye.
  • Believe in yourself – you are strong enough to face this and you will get through it. You have developed all the skills that you need to cope with the change. Trying viewing it as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes.

So now you know how I deal with change. Believe me it’s not easy and it’s exhausting but it’s possible. Take each day as it comes and learn from the mistakes you made along the way. None of us are perfect.

Until next time,


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