Desk Tour

Hey Everyone,

For today’s post I wanted to do something a bit different. I love writing blog posts but I equally love creating and editing video elements. I’ve always loved watching desk tours on Youtube and learning new ways to make a desk feel more homely and comfortable (given the nature of legal professionals work).

As some of you may know, I recently came back to the uk and found the move really difficult. To try and ease the transition my fiancé actually renovated a room into my own work space and fully fledged office complete with my very own monitor (with some help from my bestie ofc ). After putting my own touch on things such as candles and plants, I am obsessed with it. I love coming in here and working and so I wanted to share it with you all. Tbh I spend like 9 hours a day in here working on tc applications and running my website etc.

We had a bit of a play around with the cinematic version at the end of the video so let me know your thoughts (4:26 if you wanna skip and see). I really loved creating this video and editing it. Please let me know if you enjoyed watching it also as I’d love to do more similar content, like maybe a ‘Work with Me – Autumn Edition’.

All products are linked below. Music creds to Ben Sound

Links to Products

Cork Board:
iPhone Charger:
LED Lights:
Laptop Stand:
Mouse Pad:
Keyboard/ Mouse
Desktop Connector:
Monitor Stand:

I hope that you enjoyed today’s video, until next time.


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