Planning a BOSS week

Hey Everyone,

So, I’ve had a few people message me over on Instagram asking how I stay productive and fill my days since I am at home full time now. The answer for me was simple – I plan EVERYTHING.

In a world where evidently nothing has gone to plan I like to try and control what I can. Even though I’m no longer in uni anymore, my daily to-do list seems to be growing rapidly. With the rise of my blog, I equally like to treat this as a job as I have to schedule in time to write, plan interviews, do takeovers, run my book club and everything else that comes with it. Alongside this, I have been working on vac schemes and TC applications. I want to highlight that I have not submitted a ton of applications this cycle. To put it into context, it has taken me 8 weeks to answer two questions on my dream firm’s vac scheme 😂. This may seem excessive to some but I want it to be PERFECT. I’ve also only applied to one TC this season as I’m focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Anyway, with all the different things that I am working on (some behind the scenes) I have to stay organised and it’s the only way I stay sane tbh. Here are some things that help me have productive week and keep on top of everything. Now, these hacks may not work for everyone. They are what have worked for me so try them out and let me know if they work for you !!

  • My week starts on a SUNDAY – On Sundays I like to sit down and plan the week ahead. What I’ve done is split my tasks up into four main areas. For me these are: training contracts, vacation schemes, LE and other. I will split these tasks into days and do something related to that task on the allocated day.
  • Secondly, even though I’m at home I treat the day as a full working day. I get up at the same time and start at the same time. I will work for a couple of hours in the morning and take my ‘lunch’ break at the same time. I do this as I LOVE routine. Equally, when I do transition into a role it will make it easier to adjust as it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Make lists of what is already done – It’s all well and good making lists of what is to do but seeing what you’ve already done pushes you to do more (at least for me). I used this trick in New York and found it was a great thing for paralegals. Even though I inputted my work into my time sheets, seeing day to day targets being hit helped my productivity massively.
  • Colour – I will bang on about this forever more. Colour coordination helps me in so many ways. On a Sunday I will print out tasks that I have to get done that week and put an orange sticky note on them which means to be done. When they are completed I put a pink sticky note on them. I bought a paper divider last week and use it to separate tasks that are done and yet to be done. It works a treat.
  • This is a bit of a weird one but I try and schedule all my appointments on the same day (normally a Tuesday). I like doing this as I hate having my days interrupted with meeting and appointments. I feel like I never get anything done if I’m waiting to go somewhere.

    These things are what have helped me turn a good week into a BOSS week. I think it has a lot to do with mindset. Sometimes, I don’t hit my daily or weekly targets but I realised that what we are all going through at the moment is unprecedented and you don’t have to be productive everyday. Don’t feel bad because you had a bad day/week. Just work harder when you feel up to it.

    I think we are all doing amazing. So just have a bit extra faith that everything happens for a reason



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