Top Tips: LPC Edition

Hey Guys,

As we all know September is one of the busiest months out there. Recently, I did a few guest posts over on instagram relating to the LPC. I really enjoyed writing them and sharing my own personal tips and tricks. I think it came down to the fact that I didn’t really have anyone giving me any advice and therefore I love sharing my own.

I’ve also seen a lot of posts floating around social media of people offering their own LPC advice. The only thing is that some people haven’t undertaken the LPC yet are still offering ‘advice’. This worries me a small bit. Make sure that whoever is writing the piece has actually done the LPC as the reality is quite different to what you think it will entail !

I’ve mentioned a few times my own struggle with the LPC. Having missed the first 6 weeks I found myself using the full first semester to catch up on work and try to get ahead of myself. There were a few things that really helped me to stay on top of the game and understand the difference between the LPC and my degree.

  1. The LPC is not solely academic: the aim of the LPC is to highlight the power of application. The LLB is all about memorising knowledge and knowing the law. The LPC is quite different in the sense that it tests your application of the law. Many of our exams were open book and so you had full access to the law itself. The real test was applying that knowledge to a real life scenario. Top tip: put yourself in the clients shoes. What would you tell them if they were stood right in front of you. Break it down fully and bring it back to basics

    2. Tutors are there to help: I was very lucky in the sense that I did my LPC in the same university that I did my LLB. This meant that I had established relationships with my tutors and professors. I clearly remember going into a solicitors accounts seminar and leaving crying to Mike cause I had no idea what was going on. When I got home I emailed my lecturer and explained this and I arranged to go and meet him. He sat with me for over an hour going through everything piece by piece and it actually ended up being my highest ranking mark. The lecturers want you to do well so use this resource wisely.

    3. Organisation is KEY: the amount of work that is thrown at you is a lot different to the LLB. Therefore, it is more important now than ever to remain organised. Highlighting and tabbing books and the SRA guidelines as you go will make for a lot less stressful revision week. Treat each LGS and SGS as if they are going to be on the exam and do the pre reading !

    4. Post – reading: everyone says how important the pre reading is for the LPC and I agree. However, it is just as important to write up notes and do further reading after the LGS/SGS. More than likely, the professor will raise some interesting questions and you will have to do further research after. I liked to take a half an hour per LGS/SGS to rewrite my notes and read more into the area as it’s likely you won’t have time to go over material again before the exam.

Although the LPC is a high intensity course, it’s not unachievable. Towards the end and once I was in a routine, I actually really enjoyed it and found it very rewarding. I hope to post some more content around this area and might do a blog highlighting the differences between the LPC and LLB if you find that helpful.

Like always stay safe and be kind to each other.


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