Organisation Tips – Let’s Talk: Trello

Hey Everyone,

So, it’s a lovely sunny day here in Wales today and yet I’m sat in my office writing again. Doesn’t really make much sense, but I’m just going with the flow.

Recently, I’ve been juggling A LOT of different tasks and I have so many things that I have to get done on a daily basis. It’s crazy. I’ve always been a planner girl and can’t live without my physical planner. However, I really like small-ish pocket planners that fit in my handbag that I can take with me anywhere and that don’t weigh me down. But, a few weeks ago I ran into a bit of a problem.

I found that the daily boxes just don’t have enough space to write everything I needed to get done and thus, I began forgetting key tasks as I couldn’t write them down. I was using other bits of paper to try and keep track of stuff I needed to do however, that was getting lost and I just found myself so flustered and clueless.

I knew I needed somewhere that I could keep my weekly to-do’s and yet still see the progression of completing them. Back in July, I heard about Trello. I’d never heard about it before and at the time I didn’t really need an organisational upgrade and so didn’t think much of it. Recently, I revisited the idea and started learning more about it and let me tell you it changed the game for me.

Trello is a ‘collaboration tool that organises your projects into boards’ and shows you the progression of tasks in a clear and concise manner (sourced from: For someone like me, an organisation freak it was my dream and acted as my own personalised whiteboard that I could change up in the blink of an eye. I just wish that I knew about it sooner as in Manhattan it would have been a life saver.

I like to organise my projects into separate boards and break them down into smaller tasks. This way, I can separate to-do’s, in progress and completed. Not only is it great to see everything in front of you but it really does encourage me to try and get as many tasks as I can put into the completed folder on a daily basis.

What’s even better is that it is 100% free and customisable . I opted for a beach background as you probably all know by now it is my favourite place ever. Now, I actually enjoy seeing what I have to do and I find it so satisfying seeing the tasks progress. I look forward to opening my to-do list in a morning and love working.

I think this would be a really amazing resource for paralegals and trainees to manage their time efficiently. I will most definitely be utilising it when I eventually secure my tc. This post is not sponsored, I just thought that some of you might want to take a look and see for yourself.

Maybe a lot of you already use it and I’m just late jumping on the band wagon. If so, please share some of your tips and tricks with me so that I can maximise my understanding of it. I love hearing different ways to use it in everyday life.

Anyway, this is a shorter post than normal, I just wanted to share it with you all. Hopefully it will inspire you to be more productive and add a bit of spice to your working life, whatever path that may be.

That’s all for now,


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