The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days

Hey Everyone,

Happy Wednesday – I hope you’re all channeling your inner mean girls vibes and wearing something pink πŸŽ€ – currently writing this in pink pj’s – how fitting !

As some of you may know, over on insta I’ve been really struggling with taking a break and time off. The more time goes on, the more I realise that I am definitely a workaholic. I feel so guilty taking an hour off of work, let alone a full day. I have so many commitments that I feel I have to work 9 hour days from home to get everything done (it legit takes me an hour a day to go through my emails alone).

I did a post asking for some advice on how to prioritise self care and I was blown away by how many people reached out to give me their tips and tricks. Since then, I really have been actively making an effort to incorporate time out into my daily routine and it really has made a difference. Since, I’ve sat back I’ve actually found that opportunities are finding me and employers are actually reaching out to me. Weird I know !

I’ve seen so many variations on what self-care actually means but for me it’s doing something that makes me happy outside of work. This was actually really difficult for me, given that the virus means I can’t do what I love, like dancing or figure skating. Equally, I love working so changing my mindset was a huge hurdle for me. Although I love reading, I found there was nothing worse than looking at more words after a busy days work. So, I took it back to basics. Some things I like doing are having a bath, getting into a new pair of pyjamas with a hot chocolate or watching a movie cuddled up with a candle and blanket.

Unproductive days don’t mean failed days, they are there so you can recharge to get back to the best version of yourself you can be. When I kept going without stopping, my work ethic, drive and motivation went down a slippery slope and it has taken me so long to realise that my best work is produced after I simply take a rest. Maybe it really is the key to success. Also, taking time out gives you a moment to reflect on everything that you have achieved so far. Everyday, we are on a constant pursuit to check off our to-do list but never give ourselves credit for checking off even some of it. For me I’m genuinely upset if I don’t get everything done, even if I did 3/4 of it. This mindset was setting me up for failure and I knew it but I guess was afraid of changing my ways.

Like I’ve said, since I’ve started prioritising self-care, I’ve found a lot more employers have been reaching out to me. Even though I haven’t found my perfect job yet, I don’t feel as overwhelmed and I haven’t cried this week (which is a major plus in my eyes πŸ˜‚). I feel calmer in myself and more confident that I am enough and I will go onto do great things. So, I am treating this unpredictable time as my rest time before I start back in what most certainly is a busy and challenging career.

The world is getting ready for what’s to come.

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