One Month update as a Dispute Resolution Paralegal

Hey Everyone 💛

Happy February – I don’t even know how that even happened !

Firstly, I know I have been MIA on this blog recently. I have been adjusting back into working full-time and haven’t been working in the evenings as I didn’t want to completely shock my body by working crazy hours straight off the bat. Anyway, how is everybody doing? – I know this lockdown has really affected me more than the others and I’m finding that I am incredibly homesick all the time.

Let me tell you something – I have really and truly missed writing blogs. I didn’t realise quite how much until I stopped and reflected back. I’m really happy to be back writing and sharing my new journey as a paralegal with you all 🥰

I can’t believe that a whole month has passed since I started my new role. So far, I have learned so much and although it’s weird being one of the only people in the office, it’s nice to have some space to breath and get my head round the different systems while I settle in. I thought that it would be a nice idea to write a monthly update on things that I’m learning as a DR paralegal. Not only just to share with you but for my own reflection. I think it’s easy to get swallowed up in life and forget where you started. For me, if I’m having a bad day I love to look back on small successes and give myself a bit of credit for how far I’ve come. Equally, whenever I start a new job / role, I always keep a personal diary that contains all the tasks that I have completed and little pointers for myself. I genuinely find this so so helpful as – 1. I never like to ask the same question twice and 2. you can easily refer back to previous tasks and the notebook almost acts as like a precedent bank. Anyway, I’m rambling – here are some things I’ve learnt in my first month:

  1. It’s okay to not know everything. Equally, some questions that you are asked do not have definite answers so it’s okay to reach your own conclusion and frame different arguments.
  2. Learn the firm’s preferences! – what I mean by this is every firm has their own letterhead, footer, font size preference, font preference, layout etc. It shows great initiative if you can figure this out early on and saves your supervisor/ senior members time correcting it and re-formatting documents from the beginning (which can be a pain)
  3. DR is such a varied area of law and no day is the same. On an average day, I deal with shareholder / director disputes, breach of contract, pension scheme trusts, motor vehicle disputes, breach of fiduciary duty etc… (you get the gist). I think this is why I really love the work that I’m doing as it’s never mundane and always tests a different part of my brain. I really feel like I’m getting such a well-rounded knowledge of the law and I really can’t recommend DR enough for anyone thinking of trying it.
  4. Although it wholly depends on the case, disclosure in DR is a long process (although I’m sure this is the case in most areas of law). A lot of the time the dispute has been ongoing for years so you have to collect documentation and correspondence going back years. Just tackle it in phases and separate it into different folders eg. privileged and non-privileged. Do a little bit everyday and you will get there in the end.
  5. If someone gives you a task, make sure that you ask when they need it by so that you can manage your time and make sure that you aren’t missing key deadlines. Equally, you can structure your day accordingly.

    So, there we have some things I’ve learned over the month. I can’t wait to continue to grow, learn and develop within the firm.

    February I am ready for you and all the challenges and lessons that you have in store for me 💌

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