Clyde and Co. Insight Day

Hi Everyone, 

I hope that you are all well – I had one of those weeks this week where everything was happening, and I felt extremely overwhelmed. Saying that, I had a brain wave and I am now considering diversifying LE into another exciting venture in the future (so stay tuned for that)

Today, I thought that I’d write about a recent insight day I attended with Clyde and Co. I think a lot of credit is due to firms that have shifted from a traditional insight day and adapted under the current circumstances. This firm is certainly included, and it was one of the best insight days that I have attended over the course of the pandemic. Here’s why:

  1. Icebreaker starter – 

I was pleasantly surprised when the day started with an unusual icebreaker in the form of a virtual scavenger hunt. Participants were given 10 minutes to locate an array of items from around the house and were encouraged to display them on screen and share any interesting stories related to them. I think this really set the tone for the day and encouraged interaction between grad recruitment and the participants from an early stage. It was also a really lovely feature to get to know people and learn of their individual stories and talents. What is even better is that if you locate all items you can send an email to grad recruitment evidencing this and you can win some little goodies. 

2. Diverse path into law – 

Another thing that really struck me was that Ian (the partner giving the firm overview) entered the industry in a diverse manner. In short, he started working in the post room as an 18-year-old and worked his way up from there, becoming a paralegal and subsequent trainee. I think this really resonated with me, as career progression is hugely important to me and seemingly having the ability to work your way up through the career ladder. I absolutely love learning about people entering the legal industry through different means and this was a really lovely story that has the potential to inspire many individuals aspiring to a career in law. Listening to him speak so fervently about Clyde & Co’s one partnership and its ability to provide a one-stop shop for its clients was certainly a big highlight of the day for me. 

3. Interviewing at the firm –

In his talk, Ian mentioned something that really sparked my attention. He said that too many lawyers are not interesting. Initially I thought this was a bold statement however, when he explained his rationale, it completely made sense. Clients want people that they can speak with. They want to know that they can share their concerns with you. Your knowledge of the law shouldn’t act as a barrier between you and the client. Being able to simply hold a non-law related conversation does wonders for establishing a client-lawyer bond and that will be what essentially sets you apart from others – your own personality. Ian commented that when he interviews upcoming candidates, he simply looks for someone with the ability to hold a conversation i.e. someone you’d want to go to the pub with. This is something that I always forget. If you get to the interview stage, it’s because you already have everything the firm is looking for. Believe in yourself and let your personality shine through at interview.

4. Artwork – 

Another slightly different point to shed light on but something that I found fascinating was that the firm supports emerging talent by putting upcoming artists artwork on the walls all around the firm’s offices. They display it for one year and then they are judged at the end of the year and the winner gets a prize. I thought that this was a lovely sentiment and really shows Clyde & Co’s ability to look beyond itself as simply a law firm but as a business willing to support others in anyway it can. Equally, Clyde & Co appreciate that creating a colourful and vibrant working environment greatly increases employee satisfaction and therefore, they invest in creating a comfortable and friendly environment from the outset.

  • Firm Initiatives – 
  • Pro-bono – I love that 50 hours’ worth of your chargeable targets go towards pro-bono. I’ve never seen this before so actively seeing how Clyde & Co look to implement pro-bono matters into the everyday life was brilliant. 
  • Climate change – how the conservation and climate equality team combine to actively use their resources to combat climate change
  • Community service – displayed firm wide and especially in the Dublin office – Clyde & Co are continually looking to help their local communities by using existing resources to benefit the location and areas.
  • I also love that trainees don’t have chargeable targets only recommended ones

Above are only some of the reasons that I felt this insight day shone above the rest. It really felt interactive and was conducted in a fun, interesting and engaging manor where the participants interests were clearly at the heart of it from start to finish.

Being honest, Clyde & Co was never a firm I had considered in the past as I didn’t know very much about it however, I can confirm that I will be making an application for the next cycle of applications. Thank you to everyone involved in the process. It was refreshing to see the level of thought and planning that clearly went into setting it up.

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