Two Month DR Paralegal Update

Hey Everyone,

Time is honestly flying by and I feel like it has only been a matter of days since I sat down and wrote a blog about my first month sat in dispute resolution. Now, here we are again writing about my second month.

I really can’t believe how much I am learning in such a short period of time and I am truly grateful for the firm that I am in. Every single day is completely different which is amazing and it is a constant learning experience. I feel the skills that I am building on now will make me a much better trainee in the future. I am starting to have a bit more confidence in my existing skillset and I’m definitely finding my niche and establishing my strengths and weaknesses and working on those everyday.

Here is a little snapshot about what I have learned this month:

  1. Client contact -This month I have a had a lot more client contact which is amazing. I’m definitely feeling that I am establishing some great client relationships and working more like a team together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also very nerve wrecking when my phone rings and I have to lead a conversation and explain legal principles and what I think the right move to take is however, I really do love it. Some tips – if there is something that you don’t know maybe suggest that you get back to the client once you clarify it with your supervisor. Don’t lie cause it will more than likely come back to bite you.
  2. Celebrate the small successes – Sometimes you will have days where it feels like everything you are doing is wrong and sometimes you will have great days. What makes the days even better is by celebrating the small successes. Let me give you an example, I won my first case and I got our client a great result. The team were so supportive and offered great encouragement which made the win all the more better. Instead of immediately moving onto the next thing, I took a moment to let what I had achieved sink in. I allowed myself to be in the moment and be proud of what I had achieved. I think it’s important to do this and not automatically brush it aside. You got that result so you deserve to celebrate its success.
  3. Drafting – This month brought with it an array of drafting. I feel that this is definitely my strongest point in terms of law and an area that I love working on. Last month, I was mainly working on one big piece of drafting in the form of instructions to counsel. This month, I was responsible for drafting lots of client and solicitor correspondence. I also was working on Part 36 offers and some bigger pieces of work. There is nothing better than getting stuck into legal principles and establishing the strongest case possible for our clients.
  4. Use the quiet time differently – Not every day is full on. Sometimes, I have quite days which is completely natural. In that quiet time, it’s equally important to use that time for the benefit of the business. I am getting stuck in to doing research on the arts and diversifying the business in terms of looking at the arts as a whole and the applicable law that applies. Hopefully, it will expand our client base and also means that I’m working on articles and business development that I have a huge passion for and love writing about. Don’t just immediately think that quiet days mean you can take it easy – find ways that you can add value to the firm not only as a law firm but as a business.
  5. Function on little sleep – In contrast to the point above, it is important to realise that you will have extremely busy days which require longer hours. We were working on disclosure a few weeks back that required us to stay into the early hours. I really don’t mind staying late as I love what I’m doing and it comes as part of the job. However, realising that you may require some additional breathing space and down-time when the busy times subside is important. I ended up using the weekend that followed to catch up on sleep and completely shut down. Then, I was ready for the working week that followed.

I hope that you all are enjoying this little series – I love writing a monthly update and even in a short period of time I can see the difference that I’m making and how much I am growing as a paralegal. Although I wish that life was back to normal, I am so glad that I love my working life and feel like I chose the perfect career path for me.

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