Three Month Update as a DR Paralegal

The month of March was a rather quiet month as a whole but with extremely busy periods. I have to say that it went extremely fast as I had a good few days off combined with the Easter break. One key thing that I learnt this month is the ability to use your quiet time in such a way that will still benefit the firm. I utilised my quieter days and focused on business development, articles and attended webinars and seminars to expand my knowledge of the law.

Here are some of the key things that I got tasked with this month –

  1. Completed 40 Settlement Agreements – this took up most of my time this month and is an achievement that I am certainly proud of. Alongside my colleague, we tailored 40 different SA’s, inputting vendor information, tailoring the distributor and making minor contractual changes. This required an eye for detail and the ability to work at a quick pace without losing the quality of the work. I really enjoyed doing this task as it was something different yet I was able to draw from my existing skillset and knowledge. Top tip – check, check and triple check. Before you send anything ensure that what you are sending is correct. When undertaking a large tasks like this it almost becomes second nature and you can easily make silly mistakes. I found it useful to draft a bulk of them, take a break and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.
  2. Creating bundles – with the Court making a radical shift from in person hearings to virtual hearings, ebundles are the new norm. Understanding how to create an ebundle, bookmark, hyperlink and abide by Court guidelines is imperative to thrive in the virtual world. Top tip – Bundles take time so ensure that you leave sufficient time to amend it before filing and implement any potential comments the fee earner may have. I think this all comes down to personal preference but I like to bookmark the bundle first, input the page numbers, input the index and then hyperlink at the end. For me, this is the quickest method and it works for me. I am currently working on a post that goes into greater detail on the individual steps I take when creating an ebundle so keep your eyes pealed.
  3. Consumer Rights Case – I won another case for a client which made me so happy. Without disclosing its contents, it loosely focused around a large faulty good which was purchased. Luckily, I did consumer rights back in school and a lot of it seemingly clicked. I utilised law such as the Consumer Rights Act and Sale of Goods Act to successfully argue my case. Top tip – it’s natural to go through a few drafts of such letters. It is essential to work with the fee earner to see how you can improve your drafts moving forward. Take the time to compare your drafts and the final draft and make note of the changes so that you don’t make the same mistakes in the future.
  4. Opening files – I was also tasked with opening some new files and inputting client information. Key steps have to be carried out to ensure that you have all the information you need to proceed with the case. This means that conflict checks, PEP’s checks and 2 different forms of ID is sought. Once complete, you must then draft key terms to send to the client. Top tip – Compile everything that you need from the client beforehand so that you don’t inundate them with emails. Sending only one email with everything you request from the client is much easier and time friendly. It also keeps cost down for the client.

That is all for this month – I hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

Stay tuned for next month’s edition x

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