My name is Evangeline and I am an LLB, LPC and LLM graduate of Swansea University. This platform aspires to assist upcoming lawyers to secure their dream placements and to create a legal community where young professionals lift each other up. 

Reflecting back on my journey, as a first-year law student I was clueless about the legal industry. One thing I was certain of was my passion to study law. Having studied the law for four years and securing a legal internship in Manhattan, it is fair to say I have acquired a bit more knowledge along the way. However, this journey has not come without its challenges. This platform aims to be transparent about facing rejection, dealing with burnout and getting back up.         

I am in my first real round of applying for training contracts, which I should have done a lot sooner, but life happens. At the time I didn’t have the guidance and knowledge that I do now. So, if my tips and tricks can help untangle the legal web for just one law student than that is all I can ask for.

Learn from my mistakes and let’s get you that dream position. 



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