Top Tips for Starting at a New Firm

Hey Everyone, So, I’m over 6 weeks into my new position and and I feel really settled and content with my new routine and working life. I thought it might be a nice idea to sit down and write a little blog about sharing some advice on how to put your best foot forward inContinue reading “Top Tips for Starting at a New Firm”

One Month update as a Dispute Resolution Paralegal

Hey Everyone 💛 Happy February – I don’t even know how that even happened ! Firstly, I know I have been MIA on this blog recently. I have been adjusting back into working full-time and haven’t been working in the evenings as I didn’t want to completely shock my body by working crazy hours straightContinue reading “One Month update as a Dispute Resolution Paralegal”

Securing a Corporate Paralegal position (during a pandemic)

Hey guys, WOW – long time no chat. It has been so so long since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog. A lot has happened since I last wrote a post. As a little update – I came back to Ireland for Christmas and have just finished isolating, I secured a corporate paralegal roleContinue reading “Securing a Corporate Paralegal position (during a pandemic)”

The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days

Hey Everyone, Happy Wednesday – I hope you’re all channeling your inner mean girls vibes and wearing something pink 🎀 – currently writing this in pink pj’s – how fitting ! As some of you may know, over on insta I’ve been really struggling with taking a break and time off. The more time goesContinue reading “The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days”

City Life -What it’s really like to work in Central Manhattan

Hey guys, Long time no speak !! Life has been really hectic the past few weeks. I’ve been celebrating events (virtually obvs), doing interviews and drafting some applications. But for today’s post I wanted to venture away from applications for a moment and focus on life in the city. Prior to Manhattan, I didn’t reallyContinue reading “City Life -What it’s really like to work in Central Manhattan”

Application Advice – Starting an application

Hey Everyone, I hope that you are all okay and coping with new lockdown rules (whatever those may be). It really is such a weird world that we are living in at the moment !! So as a lot of you already know, we are deep into application season. I’ve approached this cycle a bitContinue reading “Application Advice – Starting an application”

Organisation Tips – Let’s Talk: Trello

Hey Everyone, So, it’s a lovely sunny day here in Wales today and yet I’m sat in my office writing again. Doesn’t really make much sense, but I’m just going with the flow. Recently, I’ve been juggling A LOT of different tasks and I have so many things that I have to get done onContinue reading “Organisation Tips – Let’s Talk: Trello”

Isolation Diaries: Ep. 3 – Self Doubt

Hey guys, I hope that you are all having the best week full of love, health and happiness !! I’ve actually had a pretty horrid week but I am doing my best to stay positive and remain optimistic. I’ve channeled all my energy into writing so I have a few posts lined up that IContinue reading “Isolation Diaries: Ep. 3 – Self Doubt”