Commercial Awareness – In conversation with Peter Watson

SURPRISE UPLOAD!! Hello everyone, A few days back, I had the pleasure of talking to Peter Watson. In 2014, Peter launched Watson’s Daily after a successful career as a stockbroker for 13 years. I must say that Watson’s Daily has been my go to source for increasing my commercial awareness and honing my commercial acumenContinue reading “Commercial Awareness – In conversation with Peter Watson”

Interview with: Michael Hinder

Today I caught up with a very special guest – Mr. Michael Hinder. I always found Michael’s story into law incredibly fascinating and inspirational so we sat down and chatted about all things law, in particular access into law courses, parental pressure, from blanking in exams to securing a corporate paralegal role. This will beContinue reading “Interview with: Michael Hinder”

Interview with Steven Mandel – Founder of The Mandel Law Firm, NYC

Today, I had the privilege of talking to Steve Mandel, a reputable family law attorney and successful business owner of The Mandel Law Firm (MLF) located in central Manhattan. Steve’s story is remarkable and I am in complete awe of his accomplishments and achievements. I was fortune enough to intern at MLF and to thisContinue reading “Interview with Steven Mandel – Founder of The Mandel Law Firm, NYC”