The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days

Hey Everyone, Happy Wednesday – I hope you’re all channeling your inner mean girls vibes and wearing something pink 🎀 – currently writing this in pink pj’s – how fitting ! As some of you may know, over on insta I’ve been really struggling with taking a break and time off. The more time goesContinue reading “The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days”

Organisation Tips – Let’s Talk: Trello

Hey Everyone, So, it’s a lovely sunny day here in Wales today and yet I’m sat in my office writing again. Doesn’t really make much sense, but I’m just going with the flow. Recently, I’ve been juggling A LOT of different tasks and I have so many things that I have to get done onContinue reading “Organisation Tips – Let’s Talk: Trello”

Isolation Diaries: Ep. 3 – Self Doubt

Hey guys, I hope that you are all having the best week full of love, health and happiness !! I’ve actually had a pretty horrid week but I am doing my best to stay positive and remain optimistic. I’ve channeled all my energy into writing so I have a few posts lined up that IContinue reading “Isolation Diaries: Ep. 3 – Self Doubt”

The Negative Effects of a ‘Bad’ Interview

*LONG POST ALERT* When I was a little girl, I had one dream – I dreamed of being a lawyer. Over time, this dream transformed into making partner at a firm that appreciated my value and most of all made me happy and left me feeling fulfilled. I never thought for one moment that oneContinue reading “The Negative Effects of a ‘Bad’ Interview”

Facing Rejection – Imposter Syndrome

The dreaded words – thank you for your interest…unfortunately…high standard… We have all been there. Pre-Covid, rejection did not phase me. I had faith in my abilities and I equally had faith that the right job would find me. I’ve spoke about this before but when Covid struck my positive mindframe plummeted. I vividly recallContinue reading “Facing Rejection – Imposter Syndrome”