The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days

Hey Everyone, Happy Wednesday – I hope you’re all channeling your inner mean girls vibes and wearing something pink 🎀 – currently writing this in pink pj’s – how fitting ! As some of you may know, over on insta I’ve been really struggling with taking a break and time off. The more time goesContinue reading “The Importance of UNPRODUCTIVE days”

The Negative Effects of a ‘Bad’ Interview

*LONG POST ALERT* When I was a little girl, I had one dream – I dreamed of being a lawyer. Over time, this dream transformed into making partner at a firm that appreciated my value and most of all made me happy and left me feeling fulfilled. I never thought for one moment that oneContinue reading “The Negative Effects of a ‘Bad’ Interview”

Facing Rejection – Imposter Syndrome

The dreaded words – thank you for your interest…unfortunately…high standard… We have all been there. Pre-Covid, rejection did not phase me. I had faith in my abilities and I equally had faith that the right job would find me. I’ve spoke about this before but when Covid struck my positive mindframe plummeted. I vividly recallContinue reading “Facing Rejection – Imposter Syndrome”

Isolation Diaries: My One Regret

Hey Everyone, So, I know this is a law blog but isolation has formed a very real part of our current lives. Like many others, law students and graduates have been severely impacted by the virus so I feel it’s important to address this. Although I have the next 3 months of posts planned, sometimesContinue reading “Isolation Diaries: My One Regret”

Top 5 Podcasts – that empower me.

Hey Everyone ♡ Today I wanted to chat to you all about something that I feel has really transformed my mindset into a positive space. In university, I found that whenever I felt overwhelmed, stressed and deflated I couldn’t absorb any knowledge. During exam season this wasn’t ideal as I would get even more frustrated atContinue reading “Top 5 Podcasts – that empower me.”